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Download vCards
check-caller.NET is the only website, where you could download over 130 million WhitePages vCards and more than 30 million YellowPages vCards. The file format “vCard” is according to the standards of electronic business cards. With vCards you are able to import all information, such as name and address, in your phone.

vCard Generator / vCard Maker
vCards are a great possibilty to share your contact information with your clients and friends. This helps people to add you to their address book with just one mouse click. You could attach vCards to your emails, upload them to your website, or even send them via cell phone. Use our vCard Generator to create your own vCard.

Real Time Directory
On check-caller.NET you can leave your feedback from a calling and mark as safe or unsafe number. This information is immediately displayed on the detail page of the number. These specifications are often more useful than the indication of a name. We have over 900k Comments here! But check-caller.NET combines both: an active community, which lives on the feedback of their users and helps to design the web page and an actual phone list with over 160 million of names.

Who was looking for a number?
On the detail pages of the phone numbers you could see, who has been looking for a number. With this helpful tool you can found in which city and country a (spam) phone number has called.

Which phone number has been viewed the most? This information can be found here. The statistics gives an overview about the quantity of searches of a specific phone number. There are also weekly statistics.