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Unsafe Caller!
16 hours ago
(Type Survey)
They keep saying they are calling "on behalf" of my insurance company but they are actually a third party survey analytics company called SPH Analytics. I asked multiple times if they were with MHS and they kept saying "yes, we are calling on behalf of MHS". I said: "Do YOU work for MHS?" And this lady had the gall to say "yes" again. I looked the number up on Google and straight up called her out on the company she was with. Only then did she admit it. No way am I giving some rando survey company any information about my child or their health needs, I don t care who it s for. If MHS wants info from me then THEY can get it from me during any of our regular contacts. I m not giving out information on a random cold call to some place that won t stop calling. HIPAA privacy exists for a reason, and if this was really just some simple survey on how MHS is doing then they wouldn t keep calling every week and asking about a CHILD instead of just asking a generic question about concerns. Shady and unnecessary, and I m not about to hand over my kid s info so that SPH can sell their data for the rest of their life.

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*****, ****** Go****** 45****
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