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Call from San Luis Obispo, CA / California

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11 days ago
(Type Call)
A friend of mine s FB page was hacked and I received this message: "It’s a bonus from the United States Department of Health & Human Services with the support of World bank,aimed at assisting the populace,particularly the old,disabled,retirees,and the working class in paying medical bills,boosting their businesses e.t.c. I thought you could have heard about it. Have you??" "This new program was established by the federal government,with the conjunction of world bank to helping people in the society meet up their needs,i was awarded $90,000.00 when i applied and you don t have to pay it back. I could pay off debts,settle bills and do some home repairs. I think you should also apply." "Here is their head office text number (805) 365-9081 Text them a message right now , that a friend told you about Department Health & Human Services program yet(DHHS)? and you are here to request for your DHHS bonus too." I maybe 74 years old now but I remember the class we had during my time at the Atlanta Police Academy in 1973. I know a scam when I see one and so I checked the number given and it is no government number. I doubt that the name Anthony Sleesman is a real name either.

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*****, ****** Go****** 45****
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