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Call from Belmont, WV / West Virginia

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Unsafe Caller!
5 months ago
(Type Call)
This number is used by a scammer she contacted me and we chatted she sent pictures of a c very lovely girl after a couple days she told me she had fallen in love with me. She said she was watching her aunts kids who left to go do drugs and party with some guy and she was out of money and food for her and the kids and asked for some money. I sent her some the next day she asked for money for tampons, I did a couple days later she said Jer blood flow was too much and wanted money for pills. She was crying please front let me die. I did send money she said she was coming directly to me when her aunt Petit back . she told me aunt returned and she was home , and would come see me or the 30th which was in 2 weeks, I was upset for she said she was coming to me directly. She knew I was mad so she told me came would come on wed and I needed to give her boss $50 as a gift for letting her take time off work. I did. Wed she said she was on her way and never showed and quit returning my text. She is an emotional terrorist who toyed with my emotions and belongs in a prison cell
Unsafe Caller!
5 months ago
(Type Text Message)
This number is used by a female scammer who will chat with you claim to fall in love then say she has an emergency and needs money and when you send she will ask for more so she can drive to you then she will ask for more money to give to her boss as a gift for giving het time off so she can come visit you she will give you this number 4157584604 she THTS her boss the are emotional terrorists after one thing and one thing only, your money
Unsafe Caller!
5 months ago
(Type Call)
This number is use by a female scammer an emotional terrorist she takes and takes and takes some mire when you say no mire she will ghost you

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*****, ****** Go****** 45****
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