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Call from Angels Camp, CA / California

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Unsafe Caller!
4 months ago
(Type Call)
Email that purports to be from PayPal, but it s a spoof and scam. Uses PayPal logo, but note that the sender is not Paypal, rather a gmail account that s likely spoofed as well. The phone number, 209-813-5417, is given as a number to call as a "dispute" number. It relies on those of honor and integrity to call that number to tell whomever answers that there has been a mistake and no such transaction took place. Obviously whomever put that number in the email is not of honor nor integrity. In other words, do NOT call that number. The body of the email contains both the PayPal logo and the following bogus information. (See below) Dear Customer, We ve got your order. Your world is about to get a whole lot easier. Your order will be delivered soon. Thank you! Transaction ID : 4887828GV42 Date : December 12 2020 Phone : 209 813 5417 # Item Unit Cost Qty Total 1 Bitcoin Exchange $479.95 1 $479.95 Subtotal $479.95 Total $479.95 issue with transaction? You have 24 hours from the date of the transaction to open a dispute. 209 813 5417.
Unsafe Caller!
4 months ago
(Type Call) „This number has been classified as unsafe. Do not call back!“
Unsafe Caller!
4 months ago
(Type Call)
Included in, what I believe to be, a fraudulent email from paypal. Says I subscribed to Bitcoin Exchange for $479.99, but from Paypal. This phone # was included to call and cancel subscription within 24 hours. Not going to call it.

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*****, ****** Go****** 45****
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